Gainsborough G+ Access Control

Our team can enhance your home with Gainsborough G+ Access Control, helping you enter your home quickly and securely with the click of a button.

This customisable access control system can be fully tailored to suit your home, ranging from simple remote control access to your front door, right through to controlling other home devices such as alarms and external lights.

Austronic Product
Austronic Product

Access control outside your house

With your own stylish remote G+ key, you can have the option of operating various entry points to your home, such as your front gate, front and back doors and garage doors. Extended further, your G+ Access Control system can be utilised to turn off external lights and turn off your security alarm.

Access control inside your house

Moving inside your home, you may wish to integrate your G+ system with internal doors and internal lighting. This works with your home automation system, giving you discreet and secure control of your entire household systems.