Home Theatre

Designing a home theatre can be an exciting experience for home owners, particularly in the case of new home builds. Austronics can integrate a Home Theatre, Audio and Visual system to recreate that cinema experience in your own home.

Home Theatre Pre-Wire

We recognise the desire of many clients to personally select a TV, audio/visual products and speakers based on individual brand preferences and product features.

Austronics therefore offers a complete home theatre pre-wire service, including the advance set up of all the required plugs and brackets needed for your home theatre. You are then free to select your own preferred audio/visual products to complete the home theatre.

Pre-wiring in advance gives you maximum flexibility, partiularly when building a new home. You have more time to select the home theatre products you require whilst the rest of your home is still being built.

Discuss your needs with a member of our Technical Team, who will help you devise a system that will best suit your needs and desired outcomes.

Austronic Product
Austronic Product

Your home theatre could include features such as:

  • Having your plasma screen automatically raised or lowered
  • Having your projector screen lowered from you ceiling
  • Distributing the programs you are watching to all TV's within your home from your DVD, Television, Pay TV or VCR networks
  • Have the option of selecting which program will go to specified rooms in the home
  • The option of having music piped from the stereo to any room in your home, through selected audio systems

Home Theatre Speaker Package

For full integration of your home theatre with your home's interior design, choose the Austronics Home Theatre Speaker Package.

In addition to pre-wiring your home, we will also install flush mount speakers in your walls, giving you the ultimate discreet speaker look.

Your flush mount speakers can be colour matched to your wall design, integrating seamlessly with your interior design.