Computer Internet Points

Computer Network Points

We can supply and install cabling for your computer network or telephone system for your home and/or home office, using the latest in Fibre Optic technology.

Computer network cabling provides the fastest and most reliable way to connect the various computers, printers and other devices within your network.

Unlike wireless network systems, which suffer from many problems including potential vulnerability to hacking and connectivity issues (such as drop-outs), network cabling provides a secure and stable foundation upon which to build your network.

Austronic Product
Austronic Product

Future proof your property for the NBN

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will provide unprecedented download and upload speeds - make sure your property is ready to reap the rewards.

Austronics can set up your home in accordance with NBN requirements and pre-wire your property, ensuring it is ready for the NBN as soon as it arrives in your suburb.