Closed Circuit TV

Video surveillance is the most effective deterrent to stop would-be thieves and vandals accessing your property. User friendly CCTV systems can be designed to suit any application.

A feature of new CCTV technology, allows you to watch live/recorded video from anywhere in the world via the Internet and even gives you the option of viewing multiple sites from the one location.

Video footage can also be activated only when motion is detected and can then be stored on your Digital Video Recorder.

Austronic Product
Austronic Product

Additional features include:

  • Receiving an e-mail alert, with a picture, every time motion is detected.
  • Simultaneous recording from more than one camera location
  • Video playback

The latest CCTV consoles all come with easy to use software and a Graphical User Interface.

A member of our Technical Team would be happy to discuss the many options available and provide a solution to best suit your needs.