Access Control

For additional security and restricted access to secured properties, we can offer a variety of access control systems. These systems involve the use of coded entry and Proximity Cards or FOBS, Proximity Readers and Control Software.

Austronic Product

Usually combined with CCTV and Visual and Audio Intercom Systems, Access Control allows only authorised individuals or vehicles to enter, exit and gain access to restricted areas. All access points in a building such as through entry doors, car parks, garages and elevators can be programmed to allow this restricted access.

We have extensive experience in this field, having applied Access Control to residential apartment buildings, offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals and other Government or secured buildings such as Police Stations and Courthouses all over Adelaide.

Proximity Cards & FOBS

The Proximity Card can be carried in your wallet and is the size of a standard credit card. Alternatively we can supply a FOB, which is a much smaller device that can be placed on your key ring.

Each option operates by scanning the reader and identifying the holder, allowing access only to the area programmed on the card or FOB. An anti pass-back program is also included, ensuring an Access Card or FOB cannot leave the building without the authorised holder, therefore eliminating the threat of having the Card or FOB passed on to another person.

Biometrics and Retinal Scanners

For absolute assurance, Biometrics and Retinal Scanners are the premium option. Both systems use unique human characteristics to identify the person seeking to enter an area. Biometrics operates on scanning a fingerprint of the authorised person, whereas Retinal Scanners identify the authorised person by scanning their eye pupil.

No matter which option you choose, all Access Control systems have readers that store the information and record all activity.

A member of our Technical Team can discuss the options available and recommend a solution to best suit your needs.