Intercom Systems

In a commercial environment, Audio or Audio/Visual Intercom Systems are usually combined with CCTV and allow viewing from different camera angles and better vision of entry areas, foyers, car parks, lifts, etc.

Combined with access control measures such as the use of Proximity Cards or FOBS (see Access Control), restricted access can be allowed through lifts to floor levels and car parks.

Austronic Product
Austronic Product

Today's modern Audio only Intercom System will allow you to:

  • Screen visitors either at all entry points
  • Give you an answer and release option for all your entry points
  • Communicate with selected rooms/offices/aresa throughout your business
  • Offer privacy and security
  • Offer background music piped throughout your business

Alternatively, for added security and convenience we can install one of our Audio/Visual Intercom Systems.

These have additional features of:

  • Allowing you to visually screen visitors at all entry points
  • Allowing you to view selected rooms of your premises, for example, entry points, store-rooms etc.

A member of our Technical Team can discuss your requirements with you and formulate a system to best suit your needs.