Company Policies

Environmental Policy

As corporate citizens, Austronics and Austronic Security are obliged to operate in an environmentally sound manner. It is our objective to ensure all products, processes and practices do not adversely impact on the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, the community and the environment.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • conducting our operations to minimise environmental risk wherever practicable
  • eliminating adverse environmental impacts
  • continually looking at ways of improving our environmental performances
  • efficient use of energy, including appropriate use of alternate fuels
  • conservation of water
  • minimisation and recycling waste
  • prevention of pollution
  • effective use of natural resources and supplemental materials

Occupational Health and Safety

At Austronics and Austronic Security we are committed to providing safe working conditions for all our employees with the objective of preventing work-related illness and injuries. We believe that good occupational health and safety is mutually beneficial to all employees, our customers, the public and our shareholders.

A safe work environment will ensure an effective base for improving efficiency, profitability, work practices and procedures. Our Senior Management and Supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy and for providing a safe working environment for our staff, sub-contractors, suppliers and visitors while working on job sites.

Austronics strives to achieve the highest standard of Health and Safety Management in accordance with our OH&S Program set out by the National Electrical and Communications Association. These documents provide a framework for integrating safety into our business management system and to provide the guidelines for work safety on sites.

All staff, combined with the involvement of managers and supervisors must achieve the objectives of this policy. Their valuable input is essential for identifying, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and regularly reviewing performances against set OH&S objectives.

In the event of injury and/or illness occurring, we are committed to helping employees achieve full recovery as soon as possible through prompt treatment and active rehabilitation programs.

We have an exceptional safe work record for our industry, and we will continue to strive in strengthening and enhancing our safety systems on site.

Induction, Orientation and Training

Austronics and Austronic Security have a comprehensive Induction, Orientation and Training program in place for all employees to undertake prior to commencing work. The integrity and efficiency of our management, business plans and internal systems are totally dependent on the level of skills, knowledge and competency of all our employees when performing their duties.

To maintain this continually high standard, our Senior Management Team, Supervisory staff and Technicians hold regular meetings where all work practices are discussed.

Any relevant issues brought up at these meetings are acted upon immediately. Control measures are put in place to identify and resolve problems effectively and efficiently so as to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

Furthermore, continuous training is provided on Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Work Method Statements (WMS) during each meeting.

Staff are regularly updated on new technology and systems relating to our industry. This will ensure that each employee and contractor remains focused and committed to maintaining high standards not just in Occupational Health and Safety, but also in the technical components.

Communication between Senior Management and Technical staff at these meetings also ensures that a good understanding and knowledge of our clients' needs and expectations are maintained.

Terms and Conditions of Trade

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